Amazon CyberRobotics Challenge

Creating Future Robotics Engineers

What is the Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge?

The Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge is a fun, but authentic introduction to coding AND robotics. Participants will program a simulated Amazon Hercules robot to work with Amazon associates in a fulfillment center to process orders safely and efficiently. The challenge is powered by G-TEC’s Online Robotics Learning Environment which provides online simulations and a visual code editor.

Who can participate in the Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge?

All student in grades 4-12 may participate.

How long will it take to complete the challenge?

It will take approximately three hours to complete all twenty-three increasingly challenging missions. The missions start out quite easy. But don’t be fooled, even high school students will be challenged by the later missions. Intermixed with the missions are three, very short quizzes to test your understanding of the concepts presented. The missions are followed by a fun, fast-paced no-coding game.

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