Microsoft Web Applications – Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3

Learn programming in HTML5, Javascript and CSS3 including jQuery and CSS3 styling.

Access Time: 1 Month

Course Details:

Introduction to HTML5 and CSS

Learn the fundamentals and see demonstrations of how to create styles and web pages

Topics Covered

  • Introducing HTML5
  • define the basic elements of HTML5 with Visual Studio 2017
  • recognize the various types of browser support for HTML5
  • recognize the elements that make a basic page structure in HTML5
  • HTML5 Semantic Elements and Layout Basics
  • Styling HTML5

Styling HTML5 and JavaScript

Get an in-depth perspective in styling HTML5 and an introduction to JavaScript

Topics Covered

  • Styling HTML5 Elements
  • Introducing JavaScript
  • JavaScript Programming Fundamentals
  • JavaScript Implementation
  • Practice: Styling HTML5 and JavaScript

Advanced HTML5 and JavaScript

Dive into HTML5 and demonstrates the functionality of JavaScript, including integrations, validations, and form creation

Topics Covered

  • JavaScript Object Oriented Programming
  • HTML5 Form Creation and Validation
  • Practice: JavaScript OOP and HTML5 Forms

HTML5 APIs and Local Data Storage

Learn about the various HTML5 APIs, including audio and video, web storage, and offline APIs

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to HTML5 APIs
  • File and Storage APIs
  • Practice: HTML5 APIs and Local Data Storage

More Advanced HTML5 and CSS3

Learn styling in detail, using more complex methods including the addition of jQuery and CSS3 selectors

Topics Covered

  • HTML5 Text and Block Elements with CSS3
  • Styling HTML5 with a Web Site
  • CSS3 Selectors with jQuery
  • Practice: Complex HTML5 and CSS3

Advanced Input Validation

Learn advanced HTML5 and JavaScript feature that can be used for client side input and form validation

Topics Covered

  • Advanced HTML5 Input Validation
  • Advanced JavaScript Input Validation
  • Practice: Input Validation for Data Entry

Advanced CSS

Learn the advanced features of CSS, including creating content layouts and manipulating the CSS based on the device media characteristics

Topics Covered

  • create and style a multi-column layout with a fixed number of columns
  • create and style a grid content layout
  • use CSS Exclusions to wrap text in order to surround elements
  • use CSS Regions to dynamically flow data into regions on a web page
  • use CSS Media Queries to detect the capabilities of a device and style content
  • work with Media Query characteristics to adjust styling to create a responsive design
  • use the print media type to style a web page differently when it is printed

Course Fee: USD 75

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